Introduction to the Municipality of Jammerbugt

Jammerbugt is a medium-sized municipality with 39.000 inhabitants. With just a fifteen-minute drive from Aalborg and Aalborg Airport, it is easy to reach. Aalborg is the largest metropolitan in the Region of Northern Jutland.

Jammerbugt is known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful dunes. Jammerbugt is the gathering place for returning tourists from Sweden, Germany, Norway and many other countries.

Jammerbugt is a centre of agriculture, different kinds of business, trade and cultural development. The municipality is working hard to create the best setting for its inhabitants, as well as for innovation and development of new ideas and initiatives in the private and public sectors.

Jammerbugt is a modern municipality which offers a high level of service which is supported by the comprehensive use of information technology. Our website,, offers our inhabitants a great opportunity to take part in political debates. Here they may keep themselves informed of the initiatives taken by the local authorities to improve all kinds of services. All politicians and key employees of the municipality can be reached by personal e-mail addresses, which you can find on the website.

The municipal council consists of 27 town councillors and the mayor, Mogens Gade. The municipal council is elected every fourth year.

Trade and commerce

Our aim is to create the ideal framework and environment for trade and commerce and to attract highly skilled employees. Jammerbugt is prepared to help new enterprises develop, but we are also prepared to support and revive existing enterprises.


Jammerbugt offers a wide range of opportunities with regard to education. Fjerritslev Gymnasium, which offers upper secondary level schooling, gives young people within the municipal an outstanding educational foundation for their future lives. Aalborg University offers master-level courses.

Culture and Leisure

Whether you are young or old, the Municipality of Jammerbugt wants to secure its inhabitants the best foundation for a good life. There is a wide range of institutions for children of all ages, a variety of leisure activities for children, young people and adults. And our old-age pensioners have specially designed opportunities.

If you want to do something exciting, have fun, take an education or be cultural in your spare time, you are most welcome to join the activities offered in the Municipality of Jammerbugt. You can do all kinds of sports, go to the music school or join a card club – just to name a few.